Major Nashville socialites: Here’s your reality TV ticket

Major Nashville socialites: Here’s your reality TV ticket

Good news, Nashvillians who are eager to writhe with shame while watching the television box! From Craig and his famous List:

Major Network Casting Country Music Housewives Types and Socialites, We are looking for BIG BOLD Personalities That have a country or country music Housewife type feel to them. Have you seen the Real Housewives and said You or your friends should have a show like that but country style? If so then we want to hear from you!

We know what you’re wondering: What specific traits would I need in order to see my BIG BOLD personality on the TV screen? According to the post, you’ll need to possess a “big house, big hair, big looks, big confidence and big fun”!!!!!! (Exclamation points: ours.) Also, Reba, see what you did by bringing your formerly giant hair down to reasonable proportions? Now you’ll never go anywhere.

A little more from the post about what these casting folks are looking for:

are you or the person you’re married to someone in the country music business?? are you or your husband a music executive at Curb Records, are you or him a country music star? is he the guitar player for for someone famous. Are you a major socialite then send us an email with a 2 photos and a quick description of why you would be perfect for this.

The new show promises to be “a fun classy yet in your face type of show,” like the California Housewives, “but ‘Country music’ style.” Because nothing’s as classy as getting all up in the faces.

While yes, we realize that there probably aren’t too many East Nashvillians who fit the bill, we didn’t want to generalize and assume that our neighborhood is filled entirely with small-haired, small-confidenced, small-funned kinda folks. If your sugar daddy/momma slings them strings for someone famous, if you mark MAJOR SOCIALITE right up top on your LinkedIn, if you bleed rhinestones, get you over to Craigslist, two photos in hand.

We don’t know that this is set to be an actual Housewives franchise, as the listing only indicates that a “Major Network” is casting. But we can hope.

In case you missed it the other two times: Here’s the casting post on Craigslist.

(Art – photo: ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Facebook; terrible Photoshopping: staff)
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