East Nashville news: Wolfe’s king cakes are here, Sweet new neighbor at Green Wagon, more

A day during which we’re overwhelmed with news involving cake and cake-like items: never a bad day.

Check out the latest Stuff We Heard:

  • Wolfe brings king cakes to the Butcher

    Wolfe Gourmet Cakes' king cake

    With most foods, we’d be perplexed to find a tiny plastic baby hiding within. But when we’re talking king cakes — one of the most delectable pastry offerings in this known universe — well, bring on the baked-in trinket.

    If you haven’t known the joys of a king cake: It’s essentially a braided loop of beautiful brioche, prettied up with sugar and icing that bears the colors of Mardi Gras: purple, gold and green.

    Mardi Gras is nearly upon us, thus king cake season is here. And Wolfe Gourmet Cakes’ Nicole Wolfe — a New Orleans-area native who now calls East Nashville home — is already churning out the cakes.

    She’s making it really easy for neighbors to snag one, too: Porter Road Butcher is now carrying her small king cakes, which run $18.99. (The larger cakes, at $26.99, are special order; you can snag those directly from Wolfe.)

    Cake options include plain, blueberry, raspberry, lemon curd and cream cheese.

    “They are all made by hand,” Wolfe says, “even down to the sugar.” (She uses fruit and vegetable juices to color the icings, too.)

    Drop by PRB at 501 Gallatin Ave. to grab one of Wolfe’s cakes; more info at the Wolfe Gourmet Cakes website. (Above photo by Eric England, courtesy Wolfe Gourmet Cakes.)

  • Sweet new neighbor coming to Green Wagon

    While we’re on the subject of desserts: We talked in December about the shuttering of Aunt April’s Bakery in the Green Wagon.

    That was sad sweets news, of course, but now we have some happy from Wagoneers Johnny and Tara Shields’ way: Dessert sandwich-makers Sweet Betweens are getting ready to set up at the Wagon starting Jan. 30.

    What to expect: cookie sandwiches and whoopie pies, customizable both in filling and in filling-holder. Please feel free to ogle/drool upon the Sweet Betweens fruit cookie sandwich pictured to the right (via the Sweet Betweens Facebook page).

    “I’m thankful for Johnny + Tara’s warm welcome and looking forward to feeding my neighbors with delicious treats!” Sweet sandwich artist Alexandra enthused, via Facebook.

    Share some congrats over on the Sweet Betweens Facebook page (and some thanks over at the Green Wagon’s), and get ready to pop by 1100 Forrest Ave. come the end of the month.

  • Old Made Good parties with ‘Serial Killers’

    We mentioned yesterday that local shop Old Made Good was going through a bit of a rough patch (shop/car robberies, other bits of unfun).

    If you’re inclined to pop by and show your support, tonight would be a good night: They’ll be hosting another “Meet the Maker” event, at which an artisan/creative type is paraded in front of his or her adoring public. (They hosted one with talented Eastside tie and cap designer Otis James in October.)

    Tonight’s guest is author/art student Brandon Reichard, who penned and illustrated the cheeky Children’s ABC Guide to Serial Killers. He’ll be reading from and signing the book, which OMG carries in the shop and online.

    Also on offer: free cake. B your own B if you’re so inclined; the party kicks up at 7 p.m. over at 1304 McGavock Pike.

  • Nature Center hosts energy saving workshop

    The Shelby Bottoms Nature Center holds regular free events and workshops, and one that’s set for Saturday, Jan. 28 might help you save enough scratch to attend a few more ticketed outings.

    Saturday’s gathering: an Energy (and Money!) Saving Workshop led by Jennifer Barrie, the youth initiative director for Kilowatt Ours (a non-profit organization focused on energy conservation).

    Along with tips on how to make NES bill-lowering tweaks, the workshop offers snacks, prizes and “energy saving kits” for attendees. It runs 10 a.m. to noon, and interested parties can register by calling 862-8539 or emailing shelbybottomsnature(at)nashville(dot)gov.

    More on Kilowatt Ours.

  • BEhive dinner benefits Community Food Advocates

    A quick heads up on theBEhive‘s next vegetarian benefit meal at Eastside spot The Wild Cow: This time, the food’s bearing a “JamaiCaribbean” angle, and the beneficiaries are Community Food Advocates, a local organization that focuses on boosting the availability of affordable, healthful food.

    On the menu: sweet rice, coconut carrots, mashed sweet potatoes, johnny cakes, piano colada cupcakes and lots more.

    It’s set for 4 to 9 p.m. on Jan. 24, and the cost is $10. The Wild Cow is located at 1896 Eastland Ave.

    More: theBEhive on Facebook; Community Food Advocates on Facebook.

  • Man in car shoots masked gunman

    From NewsChannel 5: A man sitting in his car on Porter Road Thursday night shot a ski-masked gunman who approached his vehicle.

    According to the report, one of several shots fired hit the suspect, who fled on foot. Police found him at the Berkshire Place apartments, and he was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

    Read the whole story at NewsChannel5.com.

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