fEASTival reschedules in response to I-24 closures

fEASTival reschedules in response to I-24 closures

Show of hands: Who’s loving this run of weekend I-24 closures? Nobody? Mmm, good times.

While infrastructure improvements are, of course, necessary things, the 13-weekend stretch of detouring into and out of East Nashville has already caused its share of resident and business headaches (local biz folks are reporting noteworthy dips in weekend cashflow). In response, the organizers of fEASTival — the Eastside “Celebration of Independent Culture” scheduled for May 19 in East Park — have decided to push back the event.

“We have researched the effect (the I-24 closures have) had on several local businesses,” organizer Julie Trull said via email, “and it is not favorable.”

Current plans are to host the celebration — which’ll feature local businesses, musicians, artists, fashion designers, restaurants, food trucks and other happenings — in the same location (700 Woodland St.) on September 8.

“We want everyone to have a successful day at fEASTival and are doing everything in our power to make sure of this,” Trull said. “We will be spending the following months supporting the local businesses and increasing media for the festival. All details for the event…logistics, sponsors, vendors, etc. will stay the same.”

Trull and Co. will be re-opening deadlines for contributing artists and vendors in light of the date change. For more on the fest, and/or to get involved, visit www.fEASTivalNashville.com.

A mix of other fests and events will, however, be going on during the closures — including several this weekend. Check back here later this week for a rundown of weekend happenings. (And, we can’t say it enough: Let’s show some weekend love to East Nashville’s businesses. We’ll embed that Sarah McLachlan song if we have to.)

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  1. Colleen Wednesday - 09 / 05 / 2012 Reply
    I like it! I think having it the first weekend of september would make for nice weather, and it will be just after the madness of summer festivals/vacations/shows/etc is over! bright side! :)

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