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Cork & Cow features big, expertly prepared hickory and oak wood-grilled cuts of beef and a curated list of fantastic accompanying wines. In truth, you should stop reading today, make a booking, then come back and keep reading. Back? OK, we'll reward your perseverance with the guidance to consider an add-on of tempura lobster tail.

Located in Downtown's swanky Omni Hotel, Bob's boasts, "Our steaks are prime, our portions big, and our drinks stiff." While hotel guests are likely to take up a number of the tables in the dynamic dining-room, locals know that Bob's serves some of the greatest and finest steaks in the area. Also on the menu is a consistent fan favorite: roasted Nashville hot chicken.


Upon getting in Oak I was very satisfied with the decor and prompt greeting. We came several days after their opening night for a date night and good meal. I'll preface this evaluation with that our food was tasty but service was just completely inappropriate for the cost you are paying. We were sat in the front bar location at a high leading table which wasn't perfect for us but also wasn't awful because you get more natural light in the front. If you're searching for romance I would sit deeper in. After being seated we waited about 5 minutes to obtain a water! The server that came and brought us the water told us that somebody else would be taking our mixed drink orders. That was another 10 minutes. Lastly we put the order in and it took exactly what looks like a life time for the drinks to finally come. So who would have thought this drink theme would rear its head throughout the whole meal !? Well ... needless to state for over half of our meal we had no cocktails or water. Lastly among what appeared like a number of supervisors attended to the fact that we must have beverages and water. We were just glad to be hydrated at this moment and presumed it would not take place again after she recognized exactly what was occurring ... WRONG. Beverages still went dry as staff and managers loafed fraternizing each other. All of this beverage tension was stemming from our server who just appeared to be elsewhere psychologically. When our food came out ... well really let me return we purchased the porter house for 2 with lobster, the roasted corn and mac and cheese. The portions remain in shareable meals and we were provide the smallest appetizer plate I have actually ever seen to eat our $110 steak. At first we are so hungry and undoubtedly do not want it to obtain cold that we just dig in. We quickly begin feeling like we are at a picnic barely able to cut the meat on the plate. Our server acknowledges that the plates are extremely small and asks if we want larger ones. Yes, please. Time goes by and she never returns with plates or anything else. Lastly when we are finished with our $250 picnic they box whatever up and we head on our method. Would I return, most likely not. There are just too many locations to obtain a fantastic steak and excellent service to have a below average experience at your cost. We are by no methods difficult to please and they simply kept missing the mark.

This Belle Meade stalwart has been serving old-school prime rib and steak meals to generations of Nashville's landed gentry for more than four years. Respect the older gentleman who is standing next to you in line as he's ladling green goddess dressing onto his cold salad plate. There's a decent chance he might own the bank that holds the home mortgage on your home.

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Yes, this upscale steakhouse is a chain. But is a chain that focuses on the finest USDA Prime beef selections coupled with a comprehensive by-the-glass wine list (100 various wines). Easily found by the Vanderbilt campus, it is an excellent ... and they now feature Dalstrong knives.

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Nestled inside the Gaylord Opryland Resort, Old Hickory is the perfect special occasion dinner booking for travelers. The Opryland personnel grows herbs for usage in the restaurant in the gardens inside the atrium, and touches like that assistance this ... Check out More

Nestled inside the Gaylord Opryland Resort, Old Hickory is the perfect special occasion supper reservation for travelers. The Opryland staff grows herbs for use in the restaurant in the gardens inside the atrium, and touches like that help this dining establishment-- called after President Andrew Jackson-- more than just a hotel eatery. In fact, the restaurant itself looks like a house that simply occurs to be inside the resort, not a hotel conference room. Service is flawless and the wait personnel will bring you well-prepared steaks, lobster bisque and other standard steakhouse fare. Opryland is a resort, so anticipate resort rates. This is not where you choose a bargain meal.

I have handled the Bob's in Nashville because its opening in September 2013. During my career, I have actually operated many independent restaurants but have actually spent the majority of my career in large convention hotels and resorts, which I discover to be most tough and gratifying. I am enthusiastic about providing exceptional service and consistent quality, each and every time. It's our goal to supply the very best dining experience so we can turn first time guests into regular restaurants.

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Andrew Jackson, the presidential name of this dining establishment situated in the lavish Gaylord Opryland Resort, might have been understood for being as difficult as the trunk of a hickory tree, however their steaks are as tender as butter. At Old Hickory, you'll be dining in a re-created antebellum mansion, with a clever casual vibe. Steaks are served with the option to include sauces such as au Poivre, Bearnaise, or with topping preparations like swelling crab meat or foie gras butter.

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Seriously doing not have in service, 21 minutes after purchasing beverages., still waiting ... water glasses empty for almost 10 minutes. High end steakhouse with high-end rates typically implies excellent service not this Tuesday. I think I'm ruined by excellent steakhouse service and anticipated a lot more Supervisor admits they faltered and I value the call but it was on to Etch tonight to conserve the birthday celebration


We spent lavishly and got three deserts to go ... the New york city Style chessecake, Carrot cake and the Turtle Pie. Despite the fact that they were excellent, the serving sizes we received were EXCEPTIONALLY small specifically for the costs charged.

Debating which of Nashville's premier steakhouses is best, is as fruitless as debating whether Manning, Elway, Montana or Favre belong in the Hall of Popularity. Much like those QBs are all champs & you 'd be thrilled to have any among them lead your group, likewise a meal at each of these great establishments is a guaranteed winner. Oak Steakhouse easily makes it's location along with Bob's, Kayne Prime & Jeff Ruby's. In truth, the abundance of leather & wood enclosed in the spectacular window-wall & stylstic metal trim seemed to us like a distinct melding of Bob's traditional Texas design & Kayne Prime's modern-day feel. Very open & airy, the basically full-floor dining-room is intense (though silenced by the dark wood & leather) & the hum of many content restaurants developed a lively atmosphere. Candace offered us with excellent service, never missing a beat while expertly handling a couple tables of rather ill-mannered restaurants (if folks aren't prepared to spend for the meal they buy they ought to just stay home). Taylor likewise came over earnestly asking if we needed anything from her to make or check out to Oak memorable. We definitely valued the effort these folks made to represent the restaurant. In addition to the complimentary buttery rolls, we started with an order of the housemade ricotta & sage ravioli. This was my personal favorite on the night. After a number of weeks in Italy this summertime I can assure you this is totally on point, the pasta perfectly toothsome & the filling creamy & alive with taste). We likewise divided the Beet Salad (which Candace really kindly had the kitchen plate individually for us). It was a generous portion, the goat cheese croquette was exceptional & I 'd have licked the plate tidy of the remaining dressing if Ashley wasn't viewing me so closely. For meal, Ashley chose the 5 oz Tenderloin & actually declared it her favorite steak from any of the HOF candidates listed above (& she had enjoyed the Wagyu she got at Bob's). She was going to hand down the frites but thankfully forgot to since I happily got to polish them off! I chose the Signature Dry Aged NY Strip. Even at a moderate sounding 12 oz this was an impressive cut of beef & a pleasure to eat. I likewise chose the housemade steak sauce to accompany however honestly it wasn't needed & I consumed most of the steak unadorned. For sides we chose Crispy Brussels Sprouts, Charred Cauliflower & Foraged Mushrooms. These were all well-prepared. The brussels weren't my favorite preparation I've had actually but the marinaded shallots made for very tasty bites. For me, the vinaigrette, peppers & capers didn't wed quite best with the cauliflower, but it didn't stop me from completing them for lunch the next day with the rest of our leftovers. Ashley loved the mushrooms (they're her extravagance so you ought to take her word for it). We eagerly anticipated this visit because we initially read of Oak's opening & gladly look forward to the next time we get to eat from this HOF caliber restaurant.

I get that it was a busy night, they weren't anticipating it, and the cooking area crew is new, however my boyfriend ordered a medium rare steak that came out as a hot blue. He sent it back to be cooked longer, and it returned rare, pinker than he wanted. The waitress did credit us, which was wonderful. It was