Stay busy in East Nashville this weekend: an events roundup

Simmering in this weekend I-24 closure fun poses something of a challenge, and an opportunity, for East Nashvillians. Yes, it takes a little juggling for folks who live outside our neighborhood to roll in during these closures, and that’s meant some struggles for our local businesses. Yes, that probably means it makes good sense for those of us who are already here to just stick close to home, (figuratively) flinging our weekend entertainment money at our neighbors.

Good news for this weekend: There’s a veritable glut of stuff happening on the Eastside. We’ve collected a few highlights here (including an early, weekend fest-related one tonight), and we hope you’ll continue to show your support to the East Nashville businesses that make our home interesting and delicious and charmingly weird.

And out-of-neighborhooders: It’s really not that bad, getting over here. Consult this handy rundown of East Nashville weekend I-24 closure details for a mix of detours and such. We like to think East Nashville’s worth a little extra effort on any weekend, but this one’s particularly stocked.