We won’t let sleeping blogs lie

First, a brief explanation: The intent with starting this blog was to create a busy neighborhood resource, and, ideally, get it to a point where it paid for itself. The former, I believe, happened; the latter, not so much. The other thing I do has kept me out of Nashville for the most part since March, and my attempt at using a mobile hotspot to keep things going was both ineffective and prohibitively expensive. And, what with the not paying for itself, I couldn’t bring in anyone to mother the site in my absence without asking for pro bono work. Thus, temporary radio silence. It’s been a bummer, for me. But key word: temporary.

I’m regrouping, back in East Nashville for a break before our fall tour, and the applicable headline: I want this blog to live, and I clearly can’t keep it breathing all by my lil’ ol’ self. So I’m working on help. I’m not entirely sure what that’ll entail or when ENWL will get totally back to pre-tour levels of yammering, but I’m not looking to let this site die, and I hope you’re still interested in what it aims to offer.

So, overall: My most sincere apologies for the lag in updates here. I’m still trying to figure out how to balance life as a freelancer/touring person/blog parent. We’ll get there. And I know I’ve missed a ton of Eastside goings-on in my absence (this neighborhood never lets me down on the business busy-ness), but we’ll catch up (and that goes for emails, too). Let me know what you’d like to see up here, if you’re so inclined. And as always, thanks for being supportive of this site, in whatever way you have been. It’s appreciated, even in slumber.