Landscaping Ideas For Small Nashville Yards

Landscaping Ideas For Small Front Yards in Nashville

As with the design of any landscape, the questions you must ask yourself about small front yards are these: How much work am I willing to put into the initial design and planting phase of this small front yard landscaping project, and how much time am I willing to spend on its maintenance after it’s installed? Am I going to need hedge trimming gear or other equipment? Knowing the answers will help you narrow down your choices and design a smart small front yard!

Accessories are part of what transforms a mundane front yard into a memorable one. Since most showy landscape features are too big for a small front yard, accessories are what will create visual interest. In addition to the items mentioned below consider wind chimes, small statues or other artistic features.

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A path to the front door is one element that no front yard can be without. There are two main options: a path that comes from the street, bisecting the yard, or one that comes from the driveway, taking a shorter route that goes parallel to the house. A path from the street is typically set at a right angle between the street and the house and gives a more formal, symmetrical look. A path from the driveway is an opportunity to use a curving, organic layout.

Landscaping Ideas For Small Front Yard

Small front yard landscapes are all about proportion. Think of your small front yard as the collar and your home as the shirt. If plants or trees are too tall, they can overwhelm the front of your home. The landscape and hardscape should match the scale of the house – and complement its façade. Ornamental trees such as cypress can be used to "mask" or hide parts of the front of your home you want hidden or create a privacy wall. Cutting a large tree from the front of your yard might diminish shade but also reveal and enhance your home’s character and style.

Master bedroom side of our house - idea! Photo identified as Cottage Garden taken in April Love the stone path and casual placement of the colorful flowers. This photo inspires me to put more time and effort into landscaping at my cottage next year!

The key here is to avoid the temptation to mix too many species together, which will make a small front yard look busy and unkempt. Focus on a single groundcover if you want to cover a large area with something other than grass. Small ornamental grasses are a great choice for use as a groundcover in small front yards because they have a very neat and tidy appearance through the seasons.

Small front yards can have beautiful, well-trimmed lawns if they’re maintained properly. Yet, don’t feel like you must have grass in your small front yard. An unkempt front yard with a lawn that is poorly cared for can quickly become an ugly sight to you and your neighbors. If you’re considering exchanging your lawn for a stone courtyard or wide walkway, fill borders and remaining areas with mulched beds of your favorite annuals such as snapdragons or African daisies. Pea gravel or pebbles make an easy groundcover for tiny front yards. Line the ground with a weed-resistant mesh before applying the gravel, and remember to treat moss growth and mildew promptly. 

When designing a small front yard or a tiny room in the house, the best tip we can offer is lesser is better.  Your primary focus for front yard landscaping ideas is curb appeal giving your home that first great impression.  Small flower gardens, tiny shrubs and bushes and dwarf trees are all great options that will keep a cluttered look from your small front yard.  Not only do these smaller plants make your yard appear larger, but they are also very inexpensive and can be planted easily as a DIY project.  Cheap landscaping and simple patio design ideas are not have to mean lack of quality or high maintenance.  Planting superior trees and shrubs at their youngest stage of growth reducing the price.  After planting the trees and shrubs, put small colorful annual flowers in front with sharp landscape edging.  Other popular types of trees for landscaping are maple, evergreens and dogwoods, providing amazing shade and beautiful leaves with color.